Sunday, June 28, 2015

Almost 200 listens on one episode

Well, the metal episode is only 4 listens away from 200 on SoundCloud. And if you add in the views from YouTube, the listens on Bandcamp, and the downloads from, it's obviously well over 200!

Guess I need to get to work on that second metal and hard rock episode I've been meaning to do!

Also have three other episodes over 100 listens - rap collective MediaFresh, Women of Iowa Rock and Pop, and the country episode.

So thanks a lot everyone. I guess the little podcast that could can do so!

Next episode will be in THREE weeks

NOTE: The next episode will be in THREE weeks time, and NOT two. Your truly is taking a few days off for 80/35 and to go see Drum Corps International with the family. That's right, I check out both alternative bands and marching bands!